Paul Elliott(non-registered)
Excellent Website, I really enjoyed looking through it, you have developed what is clearly your own style with your City/Street scenes and I think they work really well.
Some excellent shots :)
Thanks for the wonderfull photos you take.
Wow, your images are beautiful!
Love your works! :-)
Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures.Will definitely recommend you to my clients and friends!
Thanks for a great photos.
Aveyard Photography(non-registered)
Hi Richard, your website look very nice and well laid out. All the best.
Paul Elliott(non-registered)
Nice Website Richard, good design. I have been developing one too, haven't plucked up the courage to advertise it on the EOS Forum yet!!
Pekka Luoma(non-registered)
Richard, v good! Did you use infrared filter to get all those warm colours into the night shots?
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