Richard Anderson Photography | About

"Fantastic photos both imaginative and expressive. A lyrical depiction of sites where the sentiment goes far beyond what meets the eye!"

I am a photographer and a digital artist, and I embrace opportunities to create images that inspire, delight and challenge preconceptions about the topic, photography or photoartistry as well as images that simply provide lasting enjoyment.

Ever since I can remember I have had a camera in my hand. My father was an ardent photographer, and I still remember being given my very first camera when I was just five years old. The technology and skill levels have changed, but the passion remains, all these years later. I was brought up with the discipline of film and I learned from a young age how to coax an image out of my camera and put it on to a piece of paper. At school I relished working in the darkroom with the smell of chemicals and the mystique of emptying a cartridge of film into a developing tank. But today's dry darkrooms are no less inspiring... the flexibility and creativity digital has unleashed never stops giving me enormous pleasure. And it is that flexibility and creativity that has enabled me to move on towards becoming a true digital artist. I love my camera, I love my digital darkroom, but above all I love the ability to bring all my skills to creating images.

Some people think of photography as being a means of creating a faithful record, a record which shouldn't be altered. But the fact of the matter is that the moment you make the decision to take a photograph, you are making artistic decisions (or you are letting your camera make artistic decisions for you) - for example what focal length, the speed of the shutter, the aperture: all of these impact the final image. But I go beyond: I am looking for the essence of the subject. Sometimes a "straight" photograph, sometimes something that I create from multiple photographs. In my mind it is the artist's job to challenge preconceptions, to look for the thing that is really important, and then to provide a canvas that continues to inspire. That is my job as a photographer AND a digital artist.

I can only show you a selection of what I can do, and (apart from the portraits) I will happily sell you images that are on display. I have a range of price points from prestige Limited Editions, to prints at a variety of sizes. But this is only a small sample of the photographs I have taken and the images I have created. There are many more that I can share with you. Equally I would be delighted to work with you if you would like to commission something unique. So if you don't immediately see what you want, let me know, and I will do whatever I can to meet your needs... I really want you to share my passion for photography and digital art!

Anyway, let me know what you think...