Richard Anderson Photography | London & More

London is a noisy, bustling and busy City - both in the Square Mile and beyond. As the home of extraordinary businesses and of course of Government, the flow of people rarely stops, only changing in character with the time of day.

Whilst I visited London as a child many, many times, it was really only when I was a student at the London School of Economics that it really got under my skin and became a part of my DNA. And now I find myself immersed in searching out the essence of London and trying to capture it in my images: extraordinary buildings, constant movement, nighttime lights, buses and trains.

London will always have a place in my heart, and I will always be drawn back to look, watch and capture it in my images.

All of my images of London are available for purchase. If you would like a copy of one of these images, or something completely different, let me know and we will work out the best way of meeting your needs.
Canada House from Trafalgar SquareSt Martins Court, Theatre LandLondon skyline 2Tower BridgeSt Pauls from the Millennium Bridge 1CrossroadsApproaching London BridgeThe South East side of London BridgeThe North East side of London BridgeThe North West side of London BridgeThe South east side of London BridgeNear London BridgeTower Bridge from London BridgeLondon BridgeLeadenhall Market (1)Leadenhall Market (2)London TrafficBuilding WorksNight BusLondon Bridge