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We hurry past doors, windows and walls as we carry on our busy days with barely a sideways glance. What happens if you stop and look at those walls and search out the interesting details, or the curves, or the contrasting colours? What happens when you look not once, not twice but three times or more? What do you remember?

This series of photographs began in the Summer of 2017 as I found myself increasingly fascinated by all of these little details. Of course what happens is that you have a large number of people looking at you as if you are mad taking a photograph of a blank wall. But it really never is blank - there is always something there that is attracting me, some architectural feature or something that tells a story of the city that I am visiting.

I intend to build on this series over the coming years. Watch back here for more images as I add new ones and retire others.

All of these images are available to purchase. The best way to buy them is to contact me through the website and we can discuss exactly what you require, and I can provide you with some alternatives at different price points.
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