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As I reflect on my work over the last twelve to eighteen months, much of it has been in cities. And while I have sections on London and the Middle East, it seems to me that to do justice to my work, I need to have a section on "Cities" - and here it is!

Here is a section of cities in Northern Europe and the UK (well Chester at this stage!) and I celebrate the range of diversity, elegance, beauty and in some cases movement that we see. But in every case, I am seeking out what I think it the essence of the city. Of course, often my visits are very short, but I certainly hope to be back to each and everyone of these cities, and many, many more.

All of these images are available for purchase. Please feel free to drop me a line through the website and I will happily discuss your requirements with you are we can work out the best way of meeting your needs.
UtrechtThe Christmas-ing of ChesterEastgate Street, ChesterBrussels (1)Brussels (2)Brussels Gallery (1)Brussels Gallery (2)Bicycles in AmsterdamEdam MuseumThe Hague (1)The Hague (2)Namur (1)Namur (2)Paris (1)Paris (2)ReimsUtrechtChester - From EastgateChester - Bridge StreetChester